Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gekko Guru

Sadly the unrestrained-greed era personified by Gordon Gekko in the 1987 movie "Wall Street" is still in existence.

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My eyes slowly adjusted to the soft morning light on the glazed windows in my bedroom. It was Saturday and I looked forward to filling my tummy with tea and perhaps a cinnamon and raisin toast. 

Tired of the ridiculous on-going global debate about what was considered acceptable means of killing fellow human beings – using bullets or chemical weapons, I did the unthinkable and fired up FB. Bad habit I know, but for some strange reasons I felt compelled to do so, even before my tea and toast.

I stared at a title “Rich Vs Poor People Principles” listing the differences between the rich and the poor. It was compiled by a self-confessed personal development guru who became a millionaire in 2.5 years and founded the fastest growing personal development company in North America. He has written a number of books and claimed to have developed highly effective courses to make people rich by drawing from his personal made-it and lost-it-all then made-it-back again story. He wants to teach people how to make-it and remain rich using his 17-point principles.

Ploughing through the 17-point principles, I detected a slight unease growing in my gut, but I wasn’t sure if it was because of my disgust at the current global debate on use of chemical weapons or the 17-point principles mollycoddling the “Rich” at the expense of the “Poor”. Nevertheless, when I finished reading the 17th principle, I lost my appetite.

“Why are you annoyed?” the Universe started.

“Hi, good morning – I am not sure” looking up to the voice.

“I just don’t like the words and the inference in this "Gekko Guru's" 17-point principle ” I conceded.

“An……d?” One of those long “and” a consultant would use when they want to extract more information.

“It creates a ‘them’ and ‘us’ situation inferring that it is OK to be “rich folks” and by inference NOT OK to be “poor folks”. And this guru is coming from a presumptive position that to have “made-it” you ought to be a millionaire and be rich like him. I find that a little arrogant and frankly sad……….”

“Follow the 17-point principles and one will always be “poor” by their definition” the Universe interrupted.

 I did not answer - I was caught off guard. “Huh? You want to explain yourself?” finally found my balance.

 “Notice the whole premise of the personal development guru's principles are about “made it” and getting “there” and by changing ones’ actions and thoughts one would get to this future utopia for the “rich”. He has missed the true essence of the two words “made it” and “there”. These two words are about some place or event in the future. So according to the principles, once you get “there” you would have “made it” and until you do, you have not “made it” and therefore deemed “poor”.

Unfortunately there is no “there” as “there” is but an illusion of the mind. Some place in the future tucked away in some corner of your mind.

And even if you thought you got to “there”, there will be another “there”; immediately putting you back into the "not made it” condition until the next “there”. With this you will continuously not “made it”.

In short you will continuously be in a situation of being “poor” – according to the 17-point principles."

“I never thought of it this way. So how do we get there then?” I thought I would test the Universe

“You Are already there. There is not need to get anywhere”

“What do you mean? Surely you are not saying I do not have to work hard and plan ahead for my family and my career?” scratching my head.

“Work as hard as you want, make as much money as you want, plan as much as you can and care for your family in a way that is appropriate. You do what is right for you. But do it in the Know that all you ever have is “here” and “now”. Do whatever you do now and do it well and give it your best shot. Simply instill a sense of quality in everything you do, even the simplest things and infuse it with your highest sense of Being. Do it with humility and then you cannot help but Be successful.

When you do this you are already “there” - now. There is no need to try and be anywhere else but here enjoying the fruits of your success NOW. Can you see, by not recognising that you are already “there” now keeps you in a state of “lack” and “poor”.

“Whoah….wait a minute. You are confusing me.”

“What you are simply saying is, if you have not learned to be happy with what you are and have now, you will never be happy with what you are going to get” typing furiously.

”Correct and that is because……..?” challenging me.

“….because Now is all you ever going to get and as such the future “there” can only happen in the space of now.”  I saw the words typed out of my laptop but I am not sure if it came from me.

“Correct, and if you do not see it, what happens?”

“…. If I do not see it then I will continue to search because I deem myself to be “poor” continuously”

“I now see what you mean about the 17-point principles keeping you poor”

“Well done and enjoy your cinnamon toast”

I looked up to see my wonderful wife walking into the room with tea and toast.

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